Update 10/1/23:
 slow line simulations shall be ceasing development on all ongoing and new projects, over the past couple of months neither me nor Alex have been developing for the game, and we have both noticed a severe increase in our mental state, we stopped due to a lack of motivation, and that is probably one of our best decisions to date.. 
Therefor, we shall be ceasing to develop under the slow line simulations name, the website shall stay up, but help on possibly faulty products will not be available.
We thank you all for the support this past 2 years, but we feel it is time to stop she to the fact we just have no time or motivation to develop for the game... thank you all!
Regards, John Astley and Alex Stackhouse 

Meet The Team

Well, you have seen our products, so how about you see the people behind it?

Alex Stackhouse

Alex has been playing TS since Railworks days, and started SLS in 2021 as a way to build and share lesser known routes for TS20XX. When not working on the real railway, Alex enjoys playing electric guitar and railway modelling.

John Astley

John has played TS since Railworks days, and is co owner to SLS. He is mostly a railway photographer, and his unusual claim to fame is that his uncle made Peppa Pig! As for SLS, you'll mostly find him in Photoshop making some form of reskin, whether that be a loco or a building. He also spends a lot of his free time railway modelling.

Will Russell

Will has played TS since 2012 and is also a volunteer at Nottingham Heritage Railway. When he's not spending his spare time on train simulator projects, he typically spends his time sim racing as well as playing the piano. He is looking to do a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Most importantly, he is the child object specialist for SLS.